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Wisconsin Master Gardener Program Page

The first four websites listed below are filled with excellent horticulture tip sheets (web pages 1-4). The Brown Bag and Wisconsin Horticulture Update recordings are archived at the next two web pages (5-6). Plant health diagnostic web pages are 7-8. Official UW publications, such as those found in your Master Gardener training manual are found at the Learning Store web page. Most UW-Extension publications can be viewed for free there.

  1. Wisconsin Horticulture
  2. Wisconsin Master Gardener Program
  3. For Your Information - Lawn and Garden
  4. Urban Horticulture
  5. Brown Bag Recorded Archives
  6. Wisconsin Horticulture Update Recorded Archives
  7. UW-Extension Plant DOC Archives
  8. Plant Diagnostic Clinic
  9. Publications – The Learning Store